Electrical Damage and Inspections

Lagoumtzis Electricians are always available to assist in any electrical damages providing the best solutions. Technical support and industrial repairs through an extensive network of service centers. In emergencies or during scheduled shutdowns, we will quickly repair and service your equipment.

The refurbishment process includes technical support, analysis, repair, testing, and full restoration of the equipment to its proper operating condition.
We are all here to support all of our customers.

The inspections involve checking :

  • That the system satisfies applied standards
  • That the system components are in good condition and adhere to existing standards
  • That any new parts of the building are covered by the existing LPS
  • That Surge Protection Devices are in good condition
  • That the new machinery which has been installed is protected against surge overvoltage

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Our team in Thassos provides electrical services for your company or home.