Lightning Protection Systems

Our team is ready to provide you with quality services in terms of Lightning Protection Systems. Lightning is a natural phenomenon which provokes every year thousands of deaths and injuries causing serious moving and pathological problems, fires and disaster to properties of millions of Euro, failures of electrical and electronic systems of control and production with undetermined size of damage concerning losses of working hours in production, in sales as well as the ruin of irreplaceable monuments of cultural heritage, etc.
The protection of constructional parts of a building from the catastrophic results of a direct lightning flash is accomplished by the external LPS which is designed according to the International and European Standard IEC / EN 62305-3.
The external LPS is consisted of the air-termination system, the down-conductor system, and the earth-termination system.
The installation of the external LPS is being achieved with components and devices, which fulfill the requirements of the International and European series of standards IEC 62561 and EN 50164.
The components which are being designed and manufactured by our company satisfy all the requirements of the above Standards. Our products have been designed to be easily installed, taking into account the particularities of each building but of course also the experience we have gained from all these years.
Our company has all the required products and devices for the installation of a LPS, such as:

  • Air-termination conductors
  • Down conductors
  • Clamps
  • Conductors fasteners
  • Earthing bars
  • Earth rods
  • Earth-termination conductors
  • Earth plates
  • Earth lead-in rods
  • Test clamps
  • Pipe clamps

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